Dear Rolling Acres,

Dear Team: Thank you SO MUCH for helping us get so many different things in place before the May 30 engagement party. The house and landscaping (and driveway!) were in spectacular condition to welcome the 70-plus folks who came on Saturday night to celebrate the engagement of Kathleen and Kipp. All of you helped make that happen -- we appreciate it very much.

His parents came from Oregon, hers from NYC, siblings and friends from all over -- it was a warm and friendly crowd that enjoyed being together. Our caterer provided plenty of tasty food and drink, including champagne for the various toasts. Catherine made two amazing cakes. The indoor-outdoor flow worked like magic, with the screened porch and patio integrated perfectly. The landscape lighting came up nicely as night fell, and the water feature burbled on. The weather was ideal.

The family group and close friends stayed on past 10, with the engaged couple and their siblings hanging out way past midnight. We older folks kept them company (from another room), hauling out leftovers to fuel the second wind of partying. It was so much fun!

We are most grateful to you all for the extra effort made to get things in shape for this event!

Many, many thanks, Ann & Bob

We are enjoying our American Boxwoods which have transformed our driveway. Thank you so much for making this project such a pleasure. From your consulting to locating the stunning boxwoods, to preparing the site, to the final installation , all was perfection. The installation was right on schedule as planned. The care you took to protect the driveway was so appreciated.

Thank you again, Gail

Hi Rick, Mark and John,

Once again, your guys have done a great job. Our yard looks great and we are quite happy.

John, I am very impressed with the folks on your team. Mark and Rick are extremely accessible and responsive and make a point of listening to my questions and opinions. I enjoy working with them and am only sorry that I am running out of jobs. On the other hand, my neighbor has mentioned that he might be taking down his old rhodos and azaleas in the backyard to put up a deer fence. If he does, I will be contacting Mark to help me fill in those holes and block the view of the fence.

I would also like to put in a plug for Tucker and Bernardo. Tucker was very friendly, professional and efficient and I enjoyed speaking with him. I appreciated his passion, especially when he mentioned he has been weeding since he was a 13 year old and enjoying it. Bernardo, the foreman on the job, was a terrific worker. Like the rest of your group, he was very friendly but I was more impressed with his work ethic. There were times when I would look out the window and he was working at super speed, shoveling dirt and mulch in a wheelbarrow and then transporting it to different parts of the yard. It was tiring watching him.

So thanks again for a great job and odds are, you will hear back from us in the next year or two.

Dave and Barbara Warner

John, et al,

Thanks so much for the excellent job on the driveway!  We are thrilled with the outcome as well as your excellent customer service.  You guys run a tight ship, and this email is an indicator of your excellence.

Best, Ali

Everything looks great! Thanks – we will definitely be using you for the back yard.

Regards, Stuart