Dear Rolling Acres,

It’s rare these days to find a company that produces results far exceeding one’s expectations, but Rolling Acres is such a company. They did a beautiful job with our property, creating a visually stunning oasis of tranquility that grows lovelier each day and brings endless pleasure to our family.

During the building of our house, we relied on Rolling Acres’ expertise in a wide range of areas, including overall landscape design, grading, drainage, tree protection, selection and planting of specimen trees as well as other trees and shrubs, retaining walls and other hardscape, irrigation, fencing, and the design of perennial gardens. They were always responsive to our ideas and able to strike a good balance between aesthetics and practicality. They worked closely with our building contractor to ensure that the execution of a comprehensive, multi-phase landscaping plan was seamlessly integrated with the construction of our house.

In the area of specimen trees, Rolling Acres far surpasses its competitors in terms of its extensive private collection and its capability to transport and plant large specimen trees. Customers from all over the country visit the company’s nursery to select unique trees and shrubs, both large and small, that have been collected and grown for many years. We greatly enjoyed walking through the nursery to pick out our trees.

The goal of Rolling Acres is to satisfy customers 100% of the time. The entire staff is highly professional, they stand behind their work, and they are meticulous in their execution. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the hands-on owner, John Hyman, who visits our property regularly to check on ongoing work.

We recommend Rolling Acres without reservation and are always pleased to refer friends and neighbors to this exceptional company.

Caroline James and Stephen Altschul