Dear Rolling Acres,

We are so satisfied and impressed that we can hardly find the right words! The expert work, professionalism and ability to stay in constant contact, made Rolling Acres the best company we have ever hired for our tree and landscaping needs. They were the only firm of five solicited who provided a timely bid, used every modern method of communication for scheduling and updating the project, and offered several options for the needed work, all within a comprehensive and competitive budget.

The work required the removal of a very large tree--among the largest oaks in our area, standing very suddenly dead and close to houses, while also overshadowing our large, old prized boxwoods. A dangerous and tricky endeavor requiring not only a standard sized truck-mounted crane, but also a commercial level construction crane, permitting to close streets to accommodate the large crane, multiple crews, vehicles and coordination with work being done on a neighbor's construction project. None of this was a problem for the owner, John Hyman, who oversaw the entire project himself, even having to schedule and reschedule all aspects due to sudden weather changes.

When the job was finally completed, we arrived home to find no visual evidence of the work except an enormous stump remaining from the tree--the boxwoods were undamaged as well as all landscaping; no chips, small branches or even sawdust remained in the yard or on sidewalks, and the entire street was blown perfectly clean!

This is the service and expertise you want to retain when you sign a contract for anything, and for tree work and landscaping you can find none better. We look forward to working with John and his staff again in the Spring for renewal of our landscaping, and know we join many other happy clients in offering our praise of Rolling Acres' high standards and competence.

Pam Getson & Larry Rudner---Chevy Chase

As 2008 winds to a close, wanted to drop a quick note of thanks. The warm December days of late have allowed us to use the backyard quite a bit...and wanted to capture our testimonial more formally:

We came to RAL with a pretty big and build a backyard setting that would be a place of recreation for 4 kids under 10, be suitable for entertaining, solve our drainage issues, and be cost-doable.

Mark and John (and the team at RAL) proved creative, dependable and very detailed-oriented. We had some good give-and-take on design ideas and then began the construction phase. A couple days into the project, as I surveyed the drainage solution and concrete under layers, I was thoroughly convinced that landscape architecture is not an area where you want to skimp. RAL's principals were on-site everyday to get the grades right and to inspect the work. We finished on time, with no "change order" surprise bills and couldn't be happier.

We now have a "destination" backyard. The neighborhood kids flock to it, and we also have a yard suitable for "grown-up" parties as well. Thank you Rolling Acres!